We are a family business, with over 60 years of combined business experience. This enables us to take a pragmatic view on requirements, resulting in the provision of professional services at affordable rates.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Website Design for small to medium size companies.

After an initial discussion, we work with you to produce a website that accurately projects your product and company’s functions and characteristics and is easy for visitors to your website to navigate. A simple website can be developed within one to two weeks.

Designing Databases for Stock Control.

Our experience with databases includes database design for a Government office in Dubai which enabled data mining to match visiting businessmen and women from Australia with relevant counterparts in the Middle East, allowed monitoring of who had been invited to functions, those who had accepted or rejected, any specific requirements (ie vegetarian), …….

A database for Transfera……..

A Stock Control program designed for an oilfield exploration company in Brunei, enable matching…………….

Editing and Proof Reading Services

Our company has experience with writing, editing and production of business journals, newsletters and other publications.